Meet the Staff


Wendy Roche – Headteacher

I became Head teacher at Red Hall Primary School in January 2013, having previously been the Deputy Head Teacher for a number of years. I have enjoyed the challenges of my new role and with the ‘Red Hall team’ I am determined to provide the best possible education for our children and to foster a lifelong love of learning and ‘can do’ attitude. I enjoy travelling, meeting people and cooking.


Richard Sadler – Assistant Headteacher

I joined Red Hall as Assistant headteacher  in  September  2013, having previously worked at another school in the Dudley Borough.  I feel very privileged to be able to work with the children, staff, governors and families of Red Hall, and enjoy all of the rewards and challenges which my job brings. I currently have responsibility for our provision for disadvantaged children, computing, music and our School Council, as well as working closely alongside Mrs. Roche on all aspects of leading and managing the school. Additionally, I am privileged to teach children in all year groups across the school. My priorities for our wonderful children are that they all become happy, confident and successful learners, who leave our school with the required skills to progress in the next stage of their education. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football, performing as a musician and spending time with friends and family.

Alison Peddar

Alison Pedder – School Business Manager

I have worked at Red Hall since 2008. I manage many non-teaching aspects of school, including finances, personnel, health and safety and facilities. My role is challenging and extremely varied with no two days the same, which keeps me on my toes and very busy. When I’m not at school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Abie Arnold

Abie Arnold – Year 3 Teacher

Hello, my name is Abie Arnold I am a year 3 class teacher. I have worked in many primary schools but the children of Red Hall are the most delightful children I have had the privilege of teaching and learning with. I love it when we are working together and as the work gets harder children realise that they can do it and rise to the challenge. I am the Science coordinator and have a real passion for making this subject come alive, so that our children can revel in the delights of the world around them.

Alex Gleave

Alex Gleave – Y4 Teacher

I am currently undertaking the role of Y4 class teacher and  am responsible for PE and extracurricular sporting activities. I love sport, always have, always will and I believe in trying to get everyone to see the benefits of being active and providing as many opportunities in as wide a range of sports as possible. Outside of school I am normally out walking my dog Brody and playing/coaching sport. I am a life long supporter of Birmingham City FC (no comments please) and any team/player in any sport representing GB or England. I also enjoy playing guitar, running and Geocaching.

Alison Cowdell-Smith

Alison Cowdell-Smith – Class Teacher Year One

I joined Red Hall in January 2009 in our Nursery setting. I then became the Numbers Count Teacher in Year Two. I have since been a Reception Teacher and am currently a Year One Teacher. My favourite part of being a teacher is getting to know all the different personalities of the children, which I think is a real privilege. Outside of school I enjoy dancing, walking in the countryside, healthy living and being with my family.


Alison Coxon – Teaching Assistant

My name is Alison Coxon and I qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 1987 and have been in nursery for 23 years at Red Hall. I find early years very rewarding with new and exciting challenges every day. I am currently working in Year 1.


Amanda Day – Teaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Amanda Day and I support the children in year 5. I enjoy inspiring children to be the best they can be and encourage their learning. Inquisitive by nature inspires me to be enthusiastic in my supporting role.


Angela Perry – Teaching Assistant

Hi, I am Angela Perry and work in KS2 supporting children with their learning. I enjoy working at Red Hall with all the children and work colleagues. Having an outgoing personality and enthusiasm, encourages a positive, productive, attitude with the groups of children I work with.


Anne Hornby – Teaching Assistant

Hello, my name is Anne Hornby. I am a teaching assistant and work in EYFS. In my spare time I enjoy going to the theatre, walking and reading. I thoroughly love working with the children and encouraging them, seeing what they can do and what they can achieve is a good days work.

Annmarie Beddow

Annmarie Beddow- Class teacher Year 1

Hi, my name is Annmarie. I have been working at Red Hall for 11 years and enjoy working with young children.  I find it very rewarding and enjoy new challenges. In my spare time I enjoy relaxing, listening to music, going to the theatre and holidays with my family.


Claire Jones – Class teacher Year 2

My name is Claire Jones and I joined Red Hall in 2014 as a PPA Teacher, I have since taken over the class responsibility for a Class in Year 2.


Debbie Britton – Early Years Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Debbie Britton and I work in Reception. I have worked at Red Hall Primary for the past 20 years. I volunteered as a parent helper when my own children were at Red Hall. I have also been a dinner lady here, but of all the roles I have had I enjoy my current role in Reception the most. I love to see the progress and confidence the children make during this very important first year at school. It’s a pleasure and privilege to work with our children.

Hazel Lewis

Hazel Lewis – Class teacher Year 5/6

My name is Hazel Lewis. I am currently a teacher in year 5/6 with responsibility for maths across the school. I enjoy reading, listening to music and walking my two dogs. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series and I love casting spells on Pottermore. Although sorted into Slytherin, I believe in having a positive attitude to learning together. There is nothing better than seeing children grow in confidence, as they realise no matter how hard a task is, as long as they try they can achieve. This is something I am lucky enough to see every day!



John Thorne – Site Manager

My name is John Thorne and I am the Site Manager at Red Hall Primary School. I have many interests, listening to music, going to live music venues, DIY, gardening etc. I find my role at Red Hall Primary School very interesting, varied and rewarding. My aim is always to keep a clean, safe and secure environment for children, staff and parents.


Julie Mountford – Admin/Attendance Assistant

Hello, my name is Julie Mountford and I am part of the Admin Team. I have worked at Red Hall Primary since November 2000. My role is Admin/Attendance Assistant. I am the first point of contract for current and new parents and children and I am always happy of help. I enjoy talking to parents and children in order that they feel well informed and happy with our school. In my spare time I enjoy going out with friends and family, gardening, reading and travelling to Greece.

Karen Cartwright

Karen Cartwright – Teaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Karen Cartwright; I’m based mainly in KS1 at the moment. I joined the staff at Red Hall in September 2000, after completing my training here. Currently, I am supporting our children who have Speech and Language difficulties and others with additional educational needs, throughout the school. Working with children 1-to-1, seeing them reach their targets and grow in confidence is very rewarding. I also love painting and drawing – a great afternoon for me is spent teaching children different ways to ‘create masterpieces’! Outside school I love walking and camping with my husband and children, as well as visiting my family in America.


Ruth Ashworth – Reception Teacher

My name is Ruth Ashworth. I work two days a week at Red Hall in Reception.


Kerry Ferguson – Class Teacher Year 3/4 and Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader

Hi I’m Kerry Ferguson, I am currently Y3/4 class teacher and am Phase Leader for years 3 and 4.  I have taught at Red Hall for many years and it is a real pleasure to see the children growing in confidence, making progress and enjoying their learning. I particularly enjoy reading, going to the theatre, going on holiday and spending family time with my husband and young children.

Lianne Bagust

Lianne Bägust – Teaching Assistant

Hi, I am Lianne Bägust. I have been a qualified Teaching Assistant for 15 years, and have worked at Red Hall since May 2011. I work in KS1 and enjoy seeing children blossom throughout every academic year. I like going to music concerts and watching films in my spare time. I am currently on maternity leave enjoying my time with my daughter.


Louise Williams – Reception Teacher    Blank

Hello! My name is Louise Williams and I am a teacher in Reception. I work in partnership with Ruth Ashworth  and have only been at Red Hall a short time, but can honestly say I love it!.

Lucy Caddick

Lucy caddick Year 1/2 Teacher and Year 1 / 2 Phase Leader

I am Lucy Caddick and I am currently teaching a Year 2  Class. I enjoy holidays, the theatre, shopping and walking my dog, Archie. I love working with young children and being part of the daily challenges that they undertake, in a fun and practical way.

Mandy Oakley

Mandy Oakley – Foundation Teaching Assistant

My name is Mandy Oakley and I work in Nursery as a Teaching Assistant level 3 since 2008. Early years is a very rewarding environment and we, as a team prepare these special people for the challenges of school life.



Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall – Nursery Teacher

Hi, I am Rebecca Hall. I have been at Red Hall since January 2012 and have taught in Years 1, 2 and currently in Nursery and I am looking forward to new challenges ahead. I enjoy building good relationships with children and encouraging enjoyment in learning. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting new places and going to the theatre.

Sue Cooper

Sue Cooper – Nursery Nurse

My name is Sue Cooper and I am a Nursery Nurse working in Nursery. The Early Years staff works well together as a team and I class them as my school family. I enjoy working with Early Years children because every day is challenging & the children achieve so much; however large or small it is which makes me proud to be part of their development.

Wendy Woodberry

Wendy Woodberry – Teaching Assistant

My name is Wendy Woodberry and I am a teaching assistant in year 6. I have been in year 6 for over 7 years and really enjoy working with the older children and the challenge of SATS. I am a qualified first aider and deal with many bumps and scratches in KS2. I also assist with the ICT in the school and thoroughly enjoy this role too! I enjoy reading and cooking and looking after my family and home…

Lindsay Westwood

Lindsay Westwood – Breakfast and After school Club Manager

My name is Lindsay, I am the manager of the Breakfast and After school Club and I have worked at Red Hall for 6 years.

I provide care for children before and after school, arranging activities for the children and providing a healthy snack. The children can participate in a range of activities from painting to film nights and bingo, as well as spending time outside.

I am there to help the children with any homework they have, if they choose to do it during this time.

I supervise creative activities along with two colleagues; we have a good relationship with all parents and are happy to help as much as we can.

When I’m not at work I love reading and spending time with my family.

Helen Lowe

Helen Lowe – After school Club Play Worker

My name is Helen and I have worked at Red Hall for many years.

My role as Play Worker is to welcome the children into After school Club when their day at school is over. I then provide them with a snack and help to encourage them, either to take part in an activity or to just simply allow them to play.

I enjoy sitting and chatting with the children about what they have done during the day or just general chat and help with homework.

I enjoy socialising with family and friends and love shopping.

Tracy Jones

Tracy Jones – Breakfast and After school Club Play Worker

My name is Tracy and I have worked at Red Hall for many years.

I help provide the children with healthy nutritious snacks.

I like to help organise numerous activities which include cooking, outdoor games, painting, hama beads and many more. I ensure the club is safe for the children and do daily risk assessments with my colleagues. I encourage healthy activities including morning exercises with breakfast club children and promote healthy living.

I like socialising with friends and family and enjoy spending time at my caravan and shopping.

Andrew West

Andrew West – Year 6 Teacher

Hello, I’m Mr. West and I am currently a Year 6 teacher. I am Phase Leader for Years 5 and 6 as well as Literacy Co-ordinator. I really enjoy working with children, seeing them develop as people and learners. I have always been hooked on History and love reading a good book and trying to grow vegetables on my allotment. As many at School have noticed, I am also partial to eating chocolate and cake !


Jason Kinsley – Year 5 Teacher

I have just joined Red Hall but have lots of experience working in other schools.  I am looking forward to the challenges a class teacher brings.


Victoria Pincott

Victoria Pincott – Reception Teacher Foundation Stage Phase Leader

Hello! I am one of the Reception teachers here at Red Hall. I have taught Reception here for some years now & really enjoy working with the younger children. I love seeing their confidence grow and providing them with the foundations on which they can build their knowledge. I have worked at Red hall for 9 years and in January 2013 I was lucky to be appointed the Foundation Stage Phase Leader & I love my new role! In my spare time I enjoy reading children’s books, baking and spending time with my family.

Carol Hall- Parent Support Advisor

Ava Williams- Parent Support Advisor

Hello, my name is Ava and I  joined  Red Hall September 2014.  My role is working with families to develop positive relationships between home and school. I really want everyone in the family to enjoy the wonderful experience of school life at Red Hall.

I try to offer individual support to children so they have someone to confide in, share important issues and gain support in overcoming worries and concerns. I can make myself available to talk to children during the school day and with their parents at times which are suitable for them – even during the evenings and weekends!





Clare Hurst – Administration Assistant




Kate Crowley – SENCo