We are an Early Adopter of the New Early Years Curriculum. Please read the letter to find out more:

Helping to get your child ready for Reception 2021.pdf

We know many of you are concerned about how to help support your child as they will be joining us to start school in Reception in September.  Please find a great website from the BBC which will help support your child with this important transition:

Homework Overview – EYFS Overview

Reception and Nursery work closely together to provide exciting opportunities for all of our Foundation Stage children both indoors and outdoors.

We deliver a curriculum of planned purposeful play as well as adult led activities following the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters’ guidance.  This curriculum precedes the ‘National Curriculum’ and is made up of seven areas of learning. They are; ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’, ‘Physical Development’ and ‘Communication and Language’ (known as the Prime Areas) and ‘ Literacy’, ‘Mathematics’,’ Understanding of the world’ and ‘Expressive arts and design’ (known as specific areas). All of these areas are planned for daily and opportunities are provided indoors and out. Our planning is flexible as we use the children for our starting points, where possible following their interests so as to ensure and exciting and creative curriculum.

Click on the picture to take you to a great maths site







Your child takes part in phonics ever day.  Click on the picture to take you to a great website to help support your child’s learning.

Click on the picture to take you to a great website to support your child’s learning.