School Council


School Council


The School Council is made from a selection of children from Years 1-6. Each class has two children to represent them, a girl and a boy. The members are voted in by their peers after they deliver a speech which informs the class what the individual’s intentions are if they become a School Councillor

The Councillors deliver a Class Council meeting in their classroom, as a result of the representatives’ discussions, to gather thoughts and opinions on particular topics that they are working on. This is also a time when classmates can raise awareness of a topic they feel needs to be addressor suggestions they may have the council discuss.

Over the last school year, the Council have worked on a number of projects within the school.

Below are just a few of our latest projects.

Promote Healthy Eating, School environment improvements, Canvasses and helped to produce new playground zones and activities for lunchtimes, behaviour sanctions and rewards, produced PPP for Road Safety, Water Safety and Strangers Dangers.

Meet our School Council