Year 1


Year 1

Year 1 is a very important year because children are starting to access a more formal curriculum. Play still forms a key element of teaching, but children are also getting used to working with less adult guidance and being taught as a whole class. In English, they are starting to write whole words and sentences without adult support and in maths they are starting to use larger numbers and to learn number facts, such as pairs of numbers that make 10.

The children have the opportunity to study many exciting topics, designed to capture their interest and make learning exciting and relevant. Each term we have a different theme e.g. ‘Fire and Ice’ and ‘Into the Woods’ and work is planned around the topic.  We also aim for a fabulous finish with either a visit out of school or a celebration of our work in school.

In the summer term we are reading stories by Anthony Browne.

Click on the picture to learn even more about Anthony Browne

Children in Year 1 will be working towards the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, taken in June, which tests children on their ability to read words by breaking them down into sounds. You can support your child’s learning by hearing them read regularly at home and encouraging them to sound out unfamiliar words.

Important things to know:

P.E : The children will be taking part in dance and gymnastic activities this term.  In dance, the children will be practising dances that support their topic work, with their first dance being based around space travel.  In gymnastics, the children will practise and perform rolls and balances using equipment.

Koalas P.E. days – Monday and Tuesday

Lions P.E. days – Tuesday and Friday

Library Books – To be returned and changed every Wednesday (Koalas) and Thursday (Lions). 


Creative Curriculum – At least one piece of work to be completed each half term, to be handed in on 6th February 2019 and 3rd April 2019.  Work from each class will be celebrated in an ½ termly, homework praise assembly.

Home Tasks / Projects – One project per half term.  Home task sheets will be issued with further details.  These projects are designed to encourage the children to enjoy and have fun with their creations.  These tasks should be handed in on Monday 11th February 2019 and Monday 25th March 2019.

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