Year 3

Year 3

Year 3 is the first year group of Key Stage Two.  Your child will build on the skills they acquired in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One to ensure a smooth transition into Key Stage Two.


The children will be learning about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and the relationships between these operations.  In topic maths we will be learning about position, direction and movement, as well as using grid references and co-ordinates.  The children will continue to learn their number bands as part of this term’s curricular targets. They will be learning how to divide by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 and work out division problems with remainders.  The children will learn a written method for adding and subtracting pairs of three-digit numbers.


In English the children will study both fiction and non-fiction texts. The fiction texts will focus on stories by the same author and stories from other cultures (Rama ans Sita). The non-fiction texts will focus on explanations and non-chronological reports. The information texts covered this term will link to the rainforest and the Jungle Fever topic.

Creative Curriculum

Our topic this term is ‘entitled ‘European Explorers’, and primarily focuses on Geography skills. The children will create a class display of a map of Europe, begin to research locations in further detail, identify trade links and investigate key European rivers and mountain ranges.


In science, the children will cover the properties and uses of rocks, soils and fossils. The children will also learn about electricity.



The children will have the opportunity to begin to learn to play the fife. Children will also continue to develop their singing voices by learning a vareiety of songs.


The children will be focussing on gymnastics.

P.E./Games for 3A – Mondays and Wednesdays

P.E./Games for 3/4F – Tuesdays

P.E./Games for 4G – Tuesdays and Fridays

Swimming – children will go swimming on Friday mornings.

Class 3/4F starting 12th January 2018 to Friday 23rd March 2018

Class 3A starting 20th April 2018 to 13th July 2018


The children will learn about a variety of religious and cultural festivals from around the world including Chinese New Year, Eid and Easter.

Teachers: Miss Arnold (3A) and Mrs Ferguson (3/4F)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cartwright (3A) and Mrs Perry (3/4F)

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