Year 4

Year 4

Teachers: Mrs Ferguson (3/4F) and Mr Gleave (4G)

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Perry (3/4F) and Mrs Woodberry (4G)

Creative Curriculum

Our topic this term is ‘entitled ‘European Explorers’, and primarily focuses on Geography skills. The children will create a class display of a map of Europe, begin to research locations in further detail, identify trade links and investigate key European rivers and mountain ranges.

Spellings are given out to the children on a weekly basis.

Homework – As well as weekly spellings, reading and learning their tables, the children will choose from a selection of ‘home learning tasks’ based on their topic.


The children will be focussing on gymnastics.

P.E./Games for 3A – Mondays and Wednesdays

P.E./Games for 3/4F – Tuesdays

P.E./Games for 4G – Tuesdays and Fridays

Swimming – children will go swimming on Friday mornings.

Class 3/4F starting 12th January 2018 to Friday 23rd March 2018

Class 3A starting 20th April 2018 to 13th July 2018


By the end of year 4 the children are expected to know all of their times tables and division facts up to 12 x 12. Knowing multiplication facts underpins so much of their work in maths – please support your child in this learning.

 Weekly Maths Home Activities

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