Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2 from Mrs Ferguson (Phase leader), Mrs Jones, Mrs Darby, Mrs Shaw, Miss Carty and Mrs Aubrey.

Y3_4 Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Y3_4 Autumn curriculum letter

Year 3_4 Long term overview 21-22

Long term overview 20-21 Y3_4

Year 3 begins your journey of learning for Key Stage 2 and on the Junior school site.

Year 4 is the second year of Key Stage 2, when children continue to consolidate their skills, understanding and knowledge of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. By the end of year 4 the children are expected to know all of their times tables and division facts up to 12 x 12. Knowing multiplication facts underpins so much of their work in maths.

Year 3_4 overview 2019_20

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