We have been learning these songs in choir. Perhaps you can sing-along at home too. Imagine when we are all back together we can have a mass choir where we all know the words.

Click on the image to get singing this song

Our school has been part of the Big Month of Music, a region-wide initiative to celebrate the musical achievements of schools across the region. Our ‘One Minute of Music’ film that the children made showing music in their classroom will be shared on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook at 16:00 on Friday 27th March. This is a way of us sharing with a wide audience the brilliant musical life of the school, and our partnership with the local Music Service.

To watch the film clip, you can do any of the following:

  • Subscribe to the Big Month of Music YouTube Channel
  • Follow @WestMidlandsMu1 on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • When our school’s film is profiled: watch it with your child, share it, comment on it, spread the musical joy!
  • There are 150 other films: you could encourage your child to watch some of the other films of children making music in the region

Miss Green (Fife teacher) and the year 3/4 class teachers will all be watching too!