The requirement to ensure that children and young people are able to use the internet and related communications technologies appropriately and safely is addressed as part of the wider duty of care to which all who work in schools are bound. A school E-Safety policy should help to ensure safe and appropriate use.

Our E.Safety Policy is currently being updated.

Parents and Carers: If you would like further information on keeping your child safe online, or if you have a specific concern and would like to make a report directly to a Police E-safety expert, click here or on the logo below, to visit the National Crime Agency’s Thinkuknow website for parents.

thinkyouknow for parents

Alongside a comprehensive online safety and cyber-bullying awareness curriculum, our children are also taught the SMART rules of E-Safety.

smart rules

Although children are taught that, if they see anything online that worries or upsets them, they should “Keep Calm and Tell an Adult,” we also ensure that they are aware of how to report abuse directly to CEOP by using the ‘Make a Report’ button.

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