Welcome to the children’s section of Red Hall’s website. We have been learning about our school values in assemblies.  

Bethany has written a poem:

Isn’t it right we are all equal?

We all have the right to enjoy school,

Be treated kindly, not like a fool

We should all speak our minds

Our rights should not be declined,

We are equal,

We all have the right to follow our dreams.

Express yourself; don’t be afraid to stand up

Be you

We are equal.

Kara has also written a poem on respect:

If we cannot respect another, how can we expect that respect for us?

Everyone expects respect, no matter who they are.

The only way to gain it is to start treating everyone as a

Friend, a brother, a sister, as part of our extended family.

No matter what colour or creed

Then only then you will start to get the respect

You so dearly crave.


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