Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural awareness enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society.

At Red Hall Primary School, we encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community.  Red Hall has a strong tradition of singing for the community with concerts at the Town Hall, as members of the Dudley Performing Arts, as well as performing in a variety of local community homes and clubs.

Close links with the local churches enable the children to appreciate the values of Christianity through drama, with weekly visits from a group called ‘Open the Book’ and regular visits to local churches.  Each phase group has the opportunity to perform for parents and the local community in the Zoar Church.

The children also have opportunities to meet people from various cultures such as Hindu Guides and Chinese dancers.  Assemblies often embrace special occasions and festivals from around the world as we are all part of a multicultural society.

Children have opportunities to become involved in support relief agencies, when natural disasters occur and regularly support Comic and Sport Relief fund raising initiatives.

The children can participate in a wide variety of afterschool clubs such as Gardening, Street Dance, Football, Netball, French, Fencing, Tennis and Multisports. These clubs are run by either enthusiastic staff members or independent agencies and experts.

Safety of our children is very important so they will have opportunities to learn to swim at the local sports centre and have cycle and road safety training from experts.  We also encourage contributions from community police and health experts who can be requested to talk to the children about any issues or concerns.

All children participate in school trips that support the curriculum these may include a trip to the seaside, castles, living museums, nature reserves and other local schools.

Some year groups regularly visit the local library working with the Librarians to promote a positive attitudes towards books.  The local library have arranged for the children to listen to and discuss the work of published writers and poets.