Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Congratulations to our newly appointed Anti-bullying Ambassadors. They all wrote a letter of application and then had an interview before they were successful in being accepted for their role.  They are from Year 5 and Year 6.

Please come back to this page to find out more.

What is an anti-bullying ambassador? By Summer 

As anti-bullying ambassadors we have to be trained and know the different types of bullying like what VIP stands for: verbal, indirect and physical, so we will know when someone is being bullied. Anyone can come to us and express their feelings like what has been going on and we will figure out a way to solve your problem.  

Always remember the word SAD because it stands for SAY, ASK, DO, so say what has happened, ask for help and do something about it. All anti-bullying ambassadors, year 5 and 6, had to do online training. We learned that it’s not bullying if you have only done it once but if they have done it more than once it is bullying and we have a way of remembering it -  STOP means SEVERAL TIMES ON PURPOSE 

If it’s not us you come to we learned that you could call childline 0800 1111 and if not this you can also text DA85258 and they are both free and always open. 

All the Year 5 anti-bullying ambassadors did an assembly in front of all KS1 and explained to them about bullying. 

Also if you think anti-buillying ambassadors is too long, you can call us ABA’s! 

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