Jubilee Gallery day at Red Hall Friday 27th May

On Friday 27th May, we would like children to come to school dressed in red, white and blue (NO FOOTBALL KITS thank you!). We will be opening the school up so that you can come and view the Art Work that has especially been created to celebrate the Queen's 70th Platinum Jubilee. We will be opening up school at 1.45pm so that you can collect your child/ren. We would request that you collect your youngest child first.  There will be a waiting time before we allow visitors into school.  We have to ensure the safety of the children first and we need to ensure that all children have been dismissed to the correct adult.  Please be patient with us as this may take a little time.  We will not be able to open the gallery until all children are with their safe adult or in their safe space within school if they are not being collected.  I would urge you again if you have not responded to school, that you do this please to help assist with the smooth running of the event.

Please remember that only 1 adult can come into school per family (as per your slip). We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but we have to consider the safety of visitors and children at all times.

Refreshments will be available on 27th May (for a charge).  They will be served on the KS1 site in the dining room.

Please see the table below to help you know how to collect and how to enter the building.  If you have more than one child, you can choose which entry suits your family best.  Morning Nursery families we hope you return in the afternoon - you are very welcome!


Exit to collect child

ALL to exit at 1:45pm

Entry to view art work

Art work displayed


Usual exit (conservatory)

Side black nursery gate

Inside and outside nursery


Usual exit (lower gate)

Top reception gate

Inside and outside reception

Y1 + Y2

Usual exit green gate

Enter through conservatory entrance (community room side)

Parents will queue along the KS1 building

KS1 hall

Under the canopy


Year 3/4

All classes to be collected from normal exit.

Enter through side gate into quiet playground area

(parents queuing on playground)

Quiet playground, KS2 hall, Y3/4classrooms

Year 5/6

All classes to exit through upper KS2 doors

(parents collecting from playground)

Enter through side gate into quiet playground area

Quiet playground, KS2 hall, corridor space Y5/6 lower

We look forward to seeing you all!


Well done to all of our Year 6 students who have taken their SATS last week.  They should all be very proud of themselves for their determination and how they gave their very best in their SATs.


Numeracy day - Race for Space day

The children all looked super dressed up as their favourite candidate to win the "Race to Space" on Numeracy day - 18th May. There was lots of learning which involved space topics and looking at some of the recent tests that the candidates have completed.

Eventually, the school concluded that the Mathematician (Professor Stacey Haines) won the race.

Thank you to the parents/carers for your continued support!

Attendance matters...

The school gates on both sites are open from 8:45 am - 9 am. If you arrive after 9 am you will need to come to the school office to sign your child into school and explain why you are late.

Children are generally happier in school when they come into school with their classmates at the start of the day. Lateness not only causes disruption to the child's class but also impacts their learning.

We are aware that sometimes events may happen which means that you will need to arrive late to school (which we understand) but please do contact the school office as soon as possible to let them know.

Amazing 1M!

Week commencing 9th and 16th May class 1M have achieved 100% attendance for the whole week. The class were rewarded with a few lovely treats.  Well done everyone!

Summer Uniform

Red Hall Primary School Summer school uniform is as follows:

Girls - Pink/Red gingham/striped dress or tailored black or grey shorts. Sandals must keep toes covered - white or black, flat/low heeled (with ankle strap)

Boys - Grey/ black shorts, white polo shirt.

Children can come to school with a named hat or cap.  This is especially important on PE days.  

We have talked about sunscreen in assemblies and how important it is to apply this before school.  Children can bring sunscreen into school.  Staff are not allowed to apply this to children.  It must be named and children need to be taught at home how they apply this and how much.  Children are not allowed to share their sunscreen with their friends.  We have discussed this with children in school.

Details of our School uniform can be found on the Red Hall Primary School website. Red Hall Primary School - Uniform Information

Children and sun protection

NHS England have the following advice regarding sun protection and children:

Take extra care to protect babies and children. Their skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, and damage caused by repeated exposure to sunlight could lead to skin cancer developing in later life.

Children aged under 6 months should be kept out of direct strong sunlight.

From March to October in the UK, children should:

  • cover up with suitable clothing
  • spend time in the shade, particularly from 11am to 3pm
  • wear at least SPF30 sunscreen

Apply sunscreen to areas not protected by clothing, such as the face, ears, feet and backs of hands.

Further information and advice can be found at: Sunscreen and sun safety - NHS (

School Meals

School meals can be ordered by your child/ren in class in the morning. Children are able to choose from a hot meal or a grab bad. The cost of the meals at £2.40. School meals need to be paid for via Parent Pay as soon as possible.

If your account goes into debt then we may have to refuse your child/ren a school meal until the balance is settled. If you are having problems logging into Parent Pay then please contact the School Office or email:

Jubilee Lunch

To mark the Queen's Platinum Jubliee, the Children are invited to have a "Jubliee Lunch" on the 27th May. The children will receive a themed box containing a little picnic. The cost of this will be the usual school meal price of £2.40 or FSM. An email has been sent out regarding this, with a link for you to book your Child's meal. Lunches need to be booked by the 20th May 12 noon.

Do you have any....

Spare clothes? Nursery are looking for donations of children's clothes for their class. If you have any boys/girl's t-shirts, leggings, joggers, socks etc that are aged 3-4 4-5 please drop them off with the nursery staff or at the school office. Thank you


Please can we remind you that we discourage Parents/Carers from bringing their dogs with them when they are dropping off and collecting their children? There are some children and parents/carer who are very nervous and anxious around dogs and we are sure that you can appreciate that we do not wish to upset or cause distress to anyone at the start or end of the day. 

If you do need to bring your dog with you, please can we ask that the dog is on a short lead and is under control at all times and that you are mindful where you and your dog are located? If any dog is causing Children and/or Parents any distress then you may be asked to leave the school site/s.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Medicine in school and Medical conditions

Please ensure that you have informed us and kept us up to date if your child has any medical conditions (new or old) such as Asthma. We can then ensure that your child's health plan is correctly planned.

Medicine - The school cannot give your child medicine that is over the counter medicine (e.g. Calpol). We can administer medicine which has been prescribed to your child by a medical professional, but only if it is required to be taken 4 times a day or more. If your child's medicine needs to be brought into school then a medicine consent form needs to be completed at the school office before we are able to administer the medicine.

Summer Holiday Activity Fun!

Children who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals in Dudley can take part in a fantastic programme of free activities over the  Summer school holidays! As part of our 'Child Friendly Dudley' agenda, Dudley Council is working with Dudley Council for Voluntary Services (DCVS) to offer the Holiday Activity Fun (HAF) programme. Families can register their child(ren) in May 2022. Any child in the borough aged five to 16 who qualifies for free school meals due to low family income can take part.


Dates for your diary

  • Friday 27th May - Platinum gallery day for Parents & Carers and school breaks up for half term
  • Mon 6th June - Back to school
  • Tue 7th June - Year 6 Residential
  • Mon 13th June - Sports day
  • Thur 16th June - Red Hall Kindness day

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